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Yuck! My NBA Finals Prediction

Last time I felt this sick was when the Chiefs vs Niners in the Super Bowl

Last 9 finals I’m 8-1 including picking Toronto check my posts

- A lot of Warriors fans are feeling super confident talking “Dubs in 5” I don’t see it

- Steph, Dray, Klay, Iggy & Kerr have seen it all which matters

- Boston isn’t a “One trick Pony” like Denver & Dallas, They have two play makers that also like playing defense.

Speaking of “defense”

- Boston have 4 starters that can guard multiple positions

- The Warriors aren’t The Heat, they have multiple perimeter scores & slashers so if you go a few minutes against them without getting a bucket you could see yourself being down by 15-20 quick

- Williams III vs Green, Brown vs Klay, Smart vs Steph & Wiggins vs Tatum are great match ups that I can’t wait to watch

- Are the refs going to let Boston play defense or let Steph run free?

- Tatum will see multiple bodies guarding him that could either wear him down or make him stronger

- This will be the first finals ever that Steph will have to play defense all game bc Klay will be busy guarding someone else that can score

- If Smart settles for 3s Boston is in trouble

- Porter & Payton are playing which makes the Warriors bench even stronger

Conclusion: Being heckled by Gentrified State Warriors fans who know very little basketball plus cry “the refs cheated us” every loss is horrible but seeing Boston win championship #18, passing My Lakers plus hearing obnoxious Celtics fans named “Sully McGuire” happy while wearing custom made Tom Brady Celtics jerseys is something this world doesn’t deserve so with that being said

Warriors in 6


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