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When A Man' Grows Up

This morning I watched an interview with Method man on Math Hoffa's show, if you get a chance please watch

Method Man spoke on numerous topics such as his dealings with Def Jam, the industry, record sales but the clip that's making a lot of waves was when he spoke on being a sex symbol, going cold turkey on E-Pills and drinking while also dealing with social anxiety & battling depression in the early 2000's.

Now if you don't know who Method Man is then you're either young or the Feds. If you're young then ask your Granny, Fly Ass Aunties or Mama because there's a great chance he was or still is their MCM. If you're the Feds then I'm sorry for what you heard during my cellphone and text message with Fiveology members and I hope that you give plea deals because I'll snitch on ALL of those Ninjas.

Anyway, Method Man has been relevant for the past 40 years with one of the greatest rap groups of all time Wu-Tang, his collaborations with Redman in the booth and in film and more recently his performances in Starz TV show series Power Book.

In the interview Meth speaks about a time that he shaded Destiny's Child at an Icon event for Janet Jackson.

He said that he went up to the women (Kelly, B and Michelle), in their VIP section, said "Hello" and none of them turned around to speak to him. Meth' felt "dissed"so because of the shade, picked up his face and went back to his section feeling some type of way about the ladies.

Later on that evening, his DJ Rockwilder was standing with Destiny's Child about to play their song "Bootylicious" and tried to introduce them to both Meth and Red. The ladies extended their hands and Meth told them "I'm not with that Hollywood shit" feeling that he got revenge on the shade thrown earlier. Meth then tells the guys on the podcast how he felt that he read that situation all wrong because in his mind the reason why the women didn't speak to him was because of all the loud noise from the event so they didn't hear him. I loved that Math and the rest of the men let Meth speak on his feelings without interruption or saying some shit like "Nah, they heard you" something goofy N.O.R.E would do on Drink Champs always killing a guest's train of thought, because that allowed him to also speak on his battle with social anxiety, depression while also going through a "Dark time" in his life. His pride, ego, immaturity and hurt couldn't help him process back then what he can clearly process now and at that moment mid story, Meth looked at the camera and apologized to the women on the show for his behavior. Now it's bad enough that Yo Fly Ass Auntie loves the hell out of Meth's "stanking ass" but THIS type of a vulnerability is going to take it over the top!

This Negro's streams went up again but Meth probably didn't do it for streams, I'm assuming that he did it for his peaceful journey that he seems to be on right now. I think He understands now that being a sex symbol to millions of women isn't easy, especially if you didn't ask for it and being denied (or thinking that you were denied) by women while dealing with self esteem issues and depression can make you say or do some things you regret years later.

Method Man's confession and apology can teach us all, especially us men that "hurt people, hurt people" and maybe some of us have some apologizing to do for our past actions.


Shawn William is an award winning writer, spoken word artist & lemon pepper chicken wing connoisseur, that has a soft spot for long legged women with pretty eyes and thigh meat.


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