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What I've noticed...... Simone Biles

There are men who are angry about paying $350 a month in child support trying to tell Simone Biles to "toughen up"

There are men who barely made varsity at their High School giving their opinion "athletic opinion" on how Simone Biles needs to handle this.

There are men who were high school superstars that received division one scholarship but washed out in college trying to give their "Professional opinion" to a World Champion.

There are people who called in sick from their job's parking lot 20 minutes before their shift starts because mentally they ain't got it criticizing Simone for flying to Tokyo & changing her mind.

There are men with daughters saying that Simone being sexually assaulted in the past shouldn't be an excuse for what's going today.

Don't be upset because Simone is taking care of her mental health & you haven't taken care of yours.

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