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What I'll Teach My Son about The Bible

I love & believe in God but hate religion. This hatred stems from years of Catholic school telling me that I'll go to hell if I go to a public school & black churches worshipping white Christianity.

But this blog isn't about. It's about what I'll teach my son what God & his people look like.

God- My God is not only black but he's cool & who else besides Frankie Beverley & Billy D Williams encompasses that than Ronald Isley? And don't make My God angry because "Mr. Biggs" ain't for play.

Jesus-My Jesus looks like El Debarge.

Mary- is Mary DUH!! Mary had a tough life & so did Mary.

Judas- You Negroes gave this traitor invites to the cookout & what happened? He snitched on KD & pissed off Q-Tip. I told y'all years ago he couldn't be trusted.


The Holy Ghost. "Haters tried to get rid of me!" Everytime I hear this man's bars a spirit takes over & I give glory to Our Father Ron Isley. "Tony Matolla lives on the roooooad, he left his lady...." *starts convulsing*

The Devil- Lucifer, El Sid, Beilzabob Dole.

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