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We’ve been HOODwinked

So after further research, a comment from Sangin Sara & a phone call to Ashley Cobb it looks like Eliz the Baby Mama vs McDonalds David was a spoof. Her children are not hungry, they’re at home eating Tri-Tip, Crab legs while sipping top shelf sparkling Capri Suns with lemon in it.

It appears that Eliz is a ratchet content creator with over 2 million followers & she struck gold with her latest video. This was nothing but a Tyler Perry scene. A movie short that will be shown on Tubi & at barbershops in the hoods of America. This might’ve been funded by the Illuminati so we’d pay more attention to foolishness than Ray J & Omarion’s struggle vocals & watermelon booty eating. So triggered baby daddies that are upset about paying $75 a month in child support please stop arguing with me. And Baby Mamas with Blue Hair & children with Silver capped Teeth, please don’t create a sequel.

I will not delete my previous posts because I need a yearly reminder on how I got played & need to do better in life.

I want to be upset with someone so I’ll just start & end with myself. I would like to end this post by saying if Langston asks for McDonalds this weekend I’m telling him “Ask ya damn momma”


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