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In my 20th year of spoken word poetry, performing on hundreds of stages while writing several thousand poems I've finally released my first published book "Sex, Love, Heartaches & Healing". A series of poems from a serial monogamist.

This book is now for sale on Amazon & Kindle platforms for $19.99, Autograph copies will be available June 19th for $20.00 (in person) & $20.00 + Shipping & handling on

I would like to thank My Sista Tonyela Arphul for the phenomenal cover art which pushed the book's concept.

Not only are you getting new work from Me but just like any relationship, sexual experience, Heartache & Healing process music plays a big part so saying that while reading My book you can also listen to the "Sex, Love, Heartaches & Healing" Spotify playlist which has such heartfelt songs from the great Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Donnie Hathaway to D'Angelo & Tina Marie.

Trust me when I say that THIS book is unlike any other and I'm very proud to share it with you.

I would like to thank Stephen H. Sharpe & his team at Afterword Press Publishing for seeing my vision & making it into reality.

Next up: The Tour. Because you can't have a 🔥 book & not have 🔥 live shows

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