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When Enough is Enough

Unless you've been under a rock you know that Kwame Brown has been on a warpath & it doesn't matter if you're Matt Barnes tough or Chris Brussard lite if you mention KB's name then you better be ready.

It's almost like when Pac went at everybody in the music industry INCLUDING the Fugees. (How do you beef with the Fugees?)

But I'm not mad at Kwame & I'm also not mad at Jaguar Wright another person earlier this year that was telling her truth & airing mfers out.

If you do not know who Kwane Brown is he was a first round NBA draft pick, picked 1st by the Washington Wizard led by Michael Jordan.

MJ is a notorious hard ass who is know for breaking down grown men teammates if they didn't match his toughness. But here's the thing, Kwame was just 17. A kid from South Carolina that probably idolized the North Carolina native. There are stories of MJ belittling & tormenting Kwame so much that he lost his confidence & then got shipped out. Now a fresh start sounds like a great idea for a broken spirit until you find out that "fresh start" was the LA Lakers ran by another egomaniacal tyrant Kobe Bean Bryant who JUST like MJ didn't take the gentle approach with teammates.

So here we are, May 2021, after a 12 year career (Doesn't sound like a "Bust" to me) Kwame had enough with you "Bitch ass niggas" putting his name in your mouth & I respect it.

Some jokes go on too long & some people get tired of being the punchlines. Kwame has an amazing story that most never knew so randomly talking about this man's shortcomings 20 years after being drafted can make anyone go off.

Kwame has now become a hero to the ones who've been bullied. The voice of the voiceless. A person who hardly said a word now has numerous YouTube videos saying plenty. He's made on air bullies like Charlemagne Tha God serve Kwame a cease & desist because he didn't appreciate Kwame bringing up his rape accusations. "It's not fun when the rabbit has the gun huh?"

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