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Top 10 Niggas in Ayesha Curry's DMs today

10.- A random Call Center nigga- Don't sleep he might only make $17.00 an hr but "Work husband" has game & knows how to play insecurities.

9. Cousin Faye*- Who knows she might go both ways?

8. Steve Harvey He snaked Bernie Mack so you never know

7. Tupac- Mr. "Hit em up" gives zero f**ks about your marriage.

6. Hollywood- He's probably pulling the Hurst up to Oracle Arena right now.

5. Derrick Jaxyn- This nigga probably accused Steph of not having a job, paying half on dates & having a sex doll while "living at his homeboy's house"

4. Cutty- "While Youngblood is on the road, I can check in & bring ya some groceries." - Cutty

3. 50 Cent- He's always getting at child's mothers. He'll probably show up courtside tonight in a "Hey Esha" shirt. *50 laff*

2. Drake- Drizzy probably DM'd her a soundcloud link of the Marvin's Room "Chef Curry with the shot" remix & paid her student loans

1. Derek Fisher- Ayesha's lite work for this nigga.

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