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The latest Joe Budden Podcast aka The Miseducation of Masculinity

I don't watch a lot of Podcasts, but I do watch the JBPC. It's toxic, sexists, educational, funny, corny, street, smart, brilliant & stupid basically it's man shit. And just like any male behavior when we get on each other's nerves but don't know to how to communicate those feelings correctly "If you want to step outside I'll fuck you up" often gets said amongst friends you love. This has been said between me & my best friend Tone back in the day & also said between my Fiveology brothers. Sometimes "a physical understanding" needs to happen and if not communicated early & correctly it will spill over into business meetings or at Grandparent's back rooms playing Monopoly (Long story).

Over the last Month Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks had a male hiccup. Rory & Mal were on a "break" to calm down while Joe & Parks kept the show going. To me the show only works with the original 4 because individually Joe Budden is a narcissistic dick head & Mal is well "Mal" so watching the show go on wasn't worth it.

Today, they all sat down to air their shit out & it was very interesting. Now you know this conversation happened way before the taping but you could still feel the tension. Words like "Accountability", "Respect" & "Feelings" were mentioned often. Joe got checked but also checked Mal, Rory told his side while Parks played in the middle this was probably the best podcast not because it was entertaining but because it was educational & raw.

If you get a chance check it out.

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