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The Government Owns Popeye's Chicken

The Government owns Popeyes Chicken & you can't convince me otherwise.

These Sum'ma'ma Bitches created a a whole ass Blacken Chicken Sandwich.

Nigga! Just a few years ago mutha fuckas were fighting off a regular dry ass chicken sandwich

....and NOW they want more carnage?

*In Dr. Umar voice*

I need us to stay alert Brothas & Sistas

PopEYE is trying to poke out your THIRD eye like Lebron James acting like he was almost dead vs The Warriors last week.

Popeyes knows that black people love seasoning just as much as we love Rihanna's thighs

so we're going to take a trip & try at least one because black people are nosey or like My Daddy from Texarkana, Texas says "Don't believe fat meat is greasy" or in THIS case "Blackened".

So either we'll die from catching the Rona, High blood pressure & cholesterol or die in a fight over a damn extra seasoned chicken breast.

And YOU KNOW black people are going to say "It wasn't spicy enough so I added....." black people ALWAYS "adding" shit. It's going to be a stroke summer.

The C.I.A. helped put crack cocaine in Franklin Saints hands

and put this damn (Black)end Chicken Sandwich in our communities. You notice that it's not labeled "Spicy" it's "Blackened"?

Black+ En(d) of Niggas.

I heard from my Barber's, baby Mama's, Aunties, Cousin's, Uncle's Side Chick the Government tried to create a teriyaki chicken sandwich but since the Asia Hate Bill passed..........

"But Y'all ain't ready for that conversation"

I'm Shawn William & you should protect me at all cost.


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