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The Closer aka "I'm about to piss you off"

Unpopular opinion but I didn't like Dave's latest special "The Closer" aka "I'm about to piss some people off" aka "Habitual Line Crossing on steroids"

I don't know but something about calling yourself a "feminist" while also calling Sojourner Truth a "bitch" isn't my kind of funny. Yes Dave, I got the message of the disrespect of Susan B while she was alive but your disrespect to her while dead was trash too.

I also got annoyed with the trans battle he's having because I thought that was tackled the other 2 specials? Just because you created a trust fund for the late Daphne Dorman's child who was ok with your transphobia jokes doesn't mean that you're not problematic. I mean hey Trump sent out more Stimmy's on his watch & has pics with Weezy & Yeezy but he's still a B.A.N. imo.

Do I think Dave is a B.A.N.? Nope, Do I think we should Boycott or Cancel him? Nope even though I believe that is what he was pushing for. I think he's the GOAT of comedy above my former GOATs Richard Pryor & Eddie Murphy, I just didn't find this particular special very funny but 1 out of 11 is a very great average.


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