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The Boat Tail & The Carters

Updated: May 29, 2021

Last week while I was purchasing groceries The Carters purchased the new Rolls Royce Boat Tail

The price of the Boat Tail is $28,000,000 which is roughly around the same price of a 1 bedroom former crack house in East Oakland.

The Boat Tail is hand crafted, sleek & comes with all the uppity bells & whistles including a pullout picnic table, two folding chairs & umbrella to block the stares of us peasants.

"If I had $28 million I wouldn't spend it on a car"- Felicia on IG

Of course you wouldn't Felicia, but if you had over a billion dollars you might. 🤷🏿

Look people, don't stress yourself off of what wealthy people do or have especially the Carters. We can't even compete with Blue Ivy

so how in TF can we think about her parents?

Let The Carters have their funky little car because I bet you in 2 months Chrysler will roll out a knockoff just like they did with the 300 trying to look like a phantom

that comes equipped with spades table, lawn chairs & a 5th for only 22K which we can purchase with our PPP loan.

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