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The Baddie, The Square & The Ex

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I once dated a woman that many considered a "Baddie", she was attracted to me because I could make her laugh, plus made her feel safe. Her child's father was a live wire in & out of prison for all kinds of street s*** that included pistol whipping a dude at Lake Merritt. When he found out about me his anger was two fold.

1. Because another man was with his property

2. I wasn't cut from the same cloth. Spoken Word Artist/Banker that once went to a Catholic School which means that I'm not a "Thug" but I am "Thug Adjacent".

He once threatened to beat my ass if I was around his kids (I wasn't) or if I was sleeping with his child's mother (I was). One time he showed up to her house banging on the door wanting to come in, she on the other side of the door threatening to call the police, me walking to my backpack to get my pistol* just in case the door gets kicked in. When ole girl noticed that I brought a gun to her house she got very angry, told me that she's "tired of violence" and thought that it was best that we stopped seeing each other. I agreed but wasn't leaving until that goon left.

Years passed & old girl moved to Atlanta to be closer to her kids now in college and start a new life. Her child's father is back in jail and she's in a happy relationship.

Now what does this have to do with Kim, Pete & Ye?

Nothing & Everything.



*- I ain't a killer but don't push me


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