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The 2021-22 LA Lakers

Russ, Lebron & AD only played 21 out of 79 games together.

The Lakers traded/released over 85% of their team last season while bringing in 15 new players (The only returning player that played with AD & Bron was Dwight Howard)

Kendrick Nunn a free agent that never played would’ve helped but he wouldn’t have saved this season.

Russell Westbrook really didn’t have a bad year he just got his game dissected on a huge stage by the Skips & Shannon Sharps of the world but that’s what happens when playing on the Lakers & along side Lebron. If the team doesn’t succeed it’s going to be the Westbrooks, Kevin Loves & D-Wades fault.

Speaking of Lebron, his Stans will say that he had a great year because of the stats that he put up in his 19th season, but people that really watched the Lakers know those stats were hollow because every 30-50 point game he had he also gave up the same amount of points on the defensive end while leading the league in turnovers after the all star break.

As a diehard Lakers fan this wasn’t “The biggest disappointment”, maybe in the social media era but I felt worse when Kobe & Shaq were bickering all season & then lost 4-1 to the Pistons. I remember Sedal Threat, Elden Campbell & Ceballos, I remember Mike Brown, Del Harris & Magic being our coaches and I also remember Magic taking a injured Lakers squad to the Finals to face Jordan & Pippen. Those years were disappointing this season was a big “What if?” The Lebron “Keep that same energy tweet” that’s haunting him was coming from a place of thinking everyone would be healthy.

This Lakers team gets an “Incomplete” grade because they were never healthy enough to start but the haters & naysayers won’t take that excuse because just like the Yankees & Patriots the LA Lakers are a winning franchise, with annoying fans so when they lose badly everyone is going to come remind you.

We’ll be back, 17 Chips is my proof. Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs BUT if your team doesn’t win it all & you were talking reckless to me….. keep your phone on.

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