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Sorry Toby, I tried.

Dear Christian ‘Toby’ Obumseli, I know that your spirit‘s not resting right now so I hope you hear me. The white woman you praised so much that stabbed & killed you, isn’t in jail. Nope, we don’t know where she is because her white tears got her a pass to get out of jail.

Looks like the American Justice system thinks white woman are valuable too huh?

Now, you’re probably wondering why there isn’t a lot of outrage from the black community, well Black Twitter got a hold of your old tweets & let’s just say…. Bruh you fucked up.

You shitted on more black women than Kevin Samuels on an IG live. What were you thinking?

I tried to ask black women to march for you but all I got was…..

I almost had one sista down but right be for the rally someone sent her a screen shot of your tweets & she walked the hell out of the room.

Black women are sitting this one out like Ben Simmons at a Nets game.

So all I can do is pray for your soul & hope that your killer gets arrested, tried & convicted from a distance.

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