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Someone needs their ass beat

Before he became "Unc" or "LeShannon" I H-A-T-E-D Shannon Sharp.

I hated him on the Baltimore Ravens & damn sure hated him on the Denver Bronc-hoes. Why? Because I was a long time Oakland Raiders fan & Shannon's teams & his play would more time than not beat my team.

Oh & Shannon's trash talk? Wild. "Your team's play is as ugly as this stadium" I remember him once yelling to the crowd where I yelled back "Shut up horse face!" because my feelings were hurt because Shannon was right. The stadium was so ugly my Raiders moved to Vegas years later but in my heart that wasn't for Shannon to bring up. I was pissed off. I wanted lighting to strike his neck & damage his vocal cords, I might wanted him to catch a treatable STD but never once did I think about spitting on him.

Last night Atlanta Hawk's star Trae Young was spat on by someone in the stands on & inbound play.

If you spit on me we're beefing forever. "Foreva' eva?" YES, N****a "Foreva eva". I will not only beat yo ass on site, but if I have a girlfriend she will know to beat your woman's ass on site, My Son Langston will be going to your son's school to beat his ass "on site" and when HE has kids they will......... well you get the idea.

In the same night but different game an injured Russell Westbrook got popcorn thrown on his head while he was leaving the court

Russ who seems to be about that life wanted to jump in those stands & had a physical conversation with the perpetrator.

Both the Spitter & The dumper appear to be white which brings in another element to this already bad situation but I want make it fully racial because I've watched numerous fans of color say & do some wild shit including a chic in Oakland calling Lebron a "Bitch" when he was walking off the court.

If this woman was out on the street would she call Lebron that? Would the person in Philly walk up on Russ in the streets & dump popcorn on him? What about the spitting incident in NY?

You fans better knock it off because your entitlement is going to get you fucked up. Not every NBA player is calm & cool every now & then a Ron Artest comes into the league and has no problem running into the stands or dropping you on the court

I advise you to sit your ass down & enjoy the game before you get stomped out by a 6'9 dude.

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