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So I Watched The NFL the other day.

2 weeks ago, my homie told me to watch the NFL because "This week is going to have some great games". He knew that for the past 3 years I stayed away from the NFL due to a couple of things

1. The Colin Kaepernick vs the NFL owners was pure bullshit.

2. The Oakland Raiders left for Las Vegas.

I was a man without a team & without faith in a sport that I loved & played since I was a kid.

But last week for the first time I watched 4 very good playoff games. A lot of the faces changed but the games were as my homie said extremely entertaining especially the Bills vs Chiefs. I was screaming, cheering & having a great time like in the past & it felt good because since I didn't have a team to root for my hate for the Niners, Bills & Chiefs wasn't the same. I even sent "Congrats" texts to some Niners fans something that would have made me barf back in the day.

The one thing that made me feel a way was when the camera man would show black assistant coaches who we know won't get a head coaching job because of systemic racism that runs rampant in the NFL. Fast forward & here we have Brian Flores lawsuit & it reminds me why I can't go back to the NFL because it's blatantly racist & won't change unless stands are made.

Jay-Z got a "Seat at the table" but it seems like all the NFL did was let football players put "Black Lives Matter" on their helmets oh & a Dr. Dre/Deathrow/Aftermath halftime show so at least black people can celebrate in "this dance-or-ree".

Happy Black History Month.


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