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Questions We Could Ask….

My Father gave me a lot of advice growing up but here are some that stood out:

- Never let a woman out work you & see it.

- Never underestimate the fight of a 1 legged man because he still has a chance of kicking your behind*

- Never talk or worry about how the next man got his woman, worry about how to get & keep your own.

The 3rd lesson will be discussed today since this Channing Crowder/“Russell Wilson is square” stuff is overtaking the “Will Slap” internet.

Now if we use your logic about Russell only got Ciara because of his money then one may ask you….

“How did you get your woman with that Fred Flinstone, cro magnon man head butting bedrocks head?”

“What woman wants a man without a mustache & sideburns that go down to his throat instead of his chin?”

“What woman wants a man with a ‘Woogy Eye’ because she’s ALWAYS going to think that you’re looking at other women when you should be looking at her?”

“What woman wants to shop for dress shirts for a dude that has zero height but 26 width neck?”

“Why Your forehead looks like you’ve been taking steroids since you were 18 months old”

“Why your left & right eyebrow look so different that they might need to go on Maury?”

You must’ve needed money to get women too huh?

That last line of mine was a major violation & I should be forced to watch the movie Belly 12 times, off Hennessy while hitting the heavy bag to get my manhood back.

Why Russell Wilson got Ciara isn’t anyone’s business & to champion Future so tough like you have a crush on him is disturbing like your hairline.

Stop it.


*~ Pops didn’t curse

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