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My Takeaways from last night's Verzus

- The Lox setting the tone early by yelling "Hurry the f**k up" to the late Dipset crew letting everyone know they weren't there to play.

- Jada on Cam's head from the gate "You can't beat me wearing leather pants"

- Lox's 1st song "F**k You" banged!


- Dipset thinking they could just Swag their way to a victory.

- Juelz saying "You guys must not like girls? You don't have have any hits for the ladies" and then the Lox hit them over the head with songs from Mariah & Mary & could've over did it if they played the Mya "Best of me" joint with Jada

Cam was Lebron going against the Warriors without Kyrie & Kevin Love.

Cam was doing his thing but it wasn't enough. Jada either matched his energy or just clearly beat him while Jim & Juelz couldn't help.

Everybody is talking about "How can you rap over your own vocals?" that ONLY became a problem because Jada created the narrative from the gate. Almost every rapper that has been on a Verzus has rapped over their own vocals including Jada vs Fab a couple of times in their battle but Jada planted the seed because he knew Dipset as a whole weren't masters of their craft when it comes to being an MC. Perfect strategy.

*The Famous Freestyle*

Imo, that wasn't even Kiss's best freestyle, and if you played that track against the "Computers Pootin" song I'd pick Dipset but Jada killed that performance & continued to set the "We're way better & more street than you" tone.

*The Set Up* "Go ahead & play Benjamins"- Jim Jones.

The Lox play "The Benjamin's"

Dipset counters "Dipset Anthem" which imo wins the round but The Lox keeps applying the pressure & plays "New York" Another death blow.

"You got punked"

Styles P rapping his bars (Originally written to diss Jay Z) to "Resevior Dogs" acapella to Jim Jones face.

The Blatant disrespect

"Shout out to Max B" - Said by Styles


Jada slapping Juelz soldier rag to the ground.

Talk Yo Shit Jada!

"That's Puff's song"- Dipset to Jada

"I wrote Puff's part!" - Jada

From 2003-05 I lived on 127th & St Nicholas in Harlem which was in the height of the Dipset movement while D-Block was also banging. Every week I bought nothing but D-Block, G-Unit & Dipset mixtapes. New York was going crazy over those crews so as a Facebook follower told me "Maybe your Harlem ties got you a little bias" and he probably was right.

The last time I watched a beat down that bad was when O-Dogg & Caine stomped out Lena's cousins in the Jordan Down's projects.

Jada bodied Fab & the Dipset pretty much by himself & I don't know too many rappers who could do that lyrically, catalog wise & stage performance which means Jada really is "Top 5 dead or alive"

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