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My Take on Bill Cosby the Rapist

"Patiently waiting on your take on Bill Cosby getting out"- The Homie

If you've followed me for the past 5 years then you know that I feel Bill Cosby is guilty & deserves to be in jail and I still stand on that but I also understand that the United States justice system will railroad a black man especially if he's accused of raping white women*.

The trail against Cosby was trash just like Cosby so questions & appeals were warranted.

I look at this like I look at OJ's 1st trial, a famous & wealthy black man used white justice, racism & overzealous witnesses to go free. Our ignorant & blind will cheer when in reality we shouldn't.

That is all.


*- There were black victims as well but black women are never really counted in these types of things unfortunately.

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