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Malcolm & Marie review

Malcolm & Marie aka The Narcissist who didn't acknowledge the Masochist was dope. I say this as an artist, writer & music lover with narcissistic tendencies that have come out in relationships with masochistic women in the past.

This shit was T-O-X-I-C. Like drinking Lake Merritt water during low tide.

Married couples often tell newlyweds "Never go to bed angry" but what they leave out is that if you do not have the proper communication skills to speak to your partner instead of at them then you two mfers should go to bed angry AF or just don't get married because you're going to have some ugly ass nights.

This movie was an "Ugly ass night"

Have you ever had one of those nights with your toxic partner when you could've just let it go but refused? Taking someone's joy just because you felt their egomaniacal self needed to be taken down a peg or two? That being right was so important that you had to treat them wrong? That instead of just going to bed you had to unload every fucking clip in your petty gun? No? Then stfu with your emotionally stable & healthy ass because this isn't for you. This is for the damaged & unhealthy loving people.

Malcolm & Marie aka "Oh, and another thing..." had me waiting for hands to be thrown but so glad they weren't because it shows men who say "I never put my hands on her" that words leave bruises too. To never miss an opportunity to acknowledge a low self esteem but self centered person or you'll never hear the end of it.

It shows how beautiful people look in their toxicity. When passive aggressive has had enough dealing with an asshole. When an "I'm sorry, you're right" gets overridden by a "Fuck that we're going there tonight."

If you didn't like it because you couldn't relate that's perfectly fine, if you didn't like it because it triggered a past relationship(s) that's fine too, continue on your healing path & keep it moving but if you didn't like it because you're in denial, that seeing parts of yourself being played out looking all beautiful & ugly on your television screen wasn't something you wanted to see when that same TV screen has watched you & your partner do these scenes night after night......?

Don't tell me "I can't relate", when some of y'all Marie's be at my shows looking for attention & acknowledgement your Malcolm doesn't give. And some of y'all "Malcom's be in my women friend's DMs looking for praise and their name's not "Marie".

There are plenty of Malcolm & Marie's in this world. They are normally hit with two things "You two look so happy together" then later it's "I can't believe you two are no longer together you looked so happy"

Malcolm & Marie aka "Hurt People Hurt People" was over exaggerated, exhausting, it gave me anxiety, made me want to apologize to to one ex, and apologize to myself for continuing on to date another ex for way too long but it also made me want more. Masochist?

My Scenes:

- The opening scene of Malcolm dancing

- Malcolm stripping her down while she was in the bathtub

- Malcolm eating that nasty looking mac-n-cheese, embracing all his wrong with pride

- them smoking outside while she played Dionne Warwick in such a petty way

- And the end with the perfect Outkast song

Favorite line: "It's not until you're about to lose someone is when you pay attention".

Malcolm & Marie was the next chapter of Darius Lovehall & Nina Moseley's love life. It is if Quincy McCall made it to the NBA without injury & won the League MVP but forgot to thank Monica during his acceptance speech.

For years y'all loved Toxic love stories with beautiful black people & a dope soundtrack well here you go, one without poetry, basketball & cheese eggs. Just two toxic people in black in white with some gooey wack mac & cheese having to deal with their shit.

Malcolm was definitely an Aries, Taurus or Leo & I don't know what Marie was but probably a water or air sign.


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