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Lebron Stans & Lebron Haters are both annoying AF

The 2 toughest things about being a Lakers fan are dealing with

The Lebron Stans


The Lebron Haters

Lebron Stans are delusional d**k riders who will argue you tooth & nail about how great Lebron is, caring more about stats than actual facts *cough* Nick Wright *cough*. They aren't Cavs, Heat or Lakers fans they just follow their favorite player from team to team and annoy the fan base. When Lebron retires they'll probably fade away & die.

Lebron haters are also delusional, who will talk about his wife, children & manhood. I know dudes who complain on social media about $200 child support calling Lebron James "a bitch". Barbershops, Clubhouse, Fortune 500 companies "I hate Lebron" is said often and their reasons are so goofy "He snitched on Draymond" or "He thinks he's good."

Last night 2 fans were ejected for allegedly talking about Lebron's son. The black community is up in arms because the two people were white but I'm side-eyeing a lot of you negroes because I've "Witnessed" some of y'all say some wild stuff about him too.

It's really unhealthy & crackhead behavior if you ask me.

So in closing, I'm kinda over Lebron being on my beloved Lakers. If he retired after this season I'd be ok with it, as long as he wins us another chip.

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