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Last Night's Verzus Review

Before we get to last night's shit show let's hear from our Ancestors & Elders

Look y’all, stop asking me to write a review for last night’s Verzus. I’m not that creative. I’m still viewing clips perplexed.

- Joe Biden will never give us reparations because too many Heffas thought 2 hard R’s eating watermelon on stage less than a week after Juneteenth was sexy

- I don’t know who has more struggle runs, Mario or Odell Beckham Jr. after knee surgery.

- Please stop saying “Mario sounded good”. No TF he didn’t. He sounded ok, but being surrounded by Ray J, O, jeremih, Sammy and them anyone can sound like Luther Vandross

- I never witnessed so many Otis think people came to see them

- 2000’s babies, this is why we never allow you to get the Aux cord because your music is mud butt with corn

- So did EVERYONE skip sound check to get drunk & high?

- Bobby Brown has had some bad moments but at least we can blame it on a coke addiction & Whitney stressing him.

- Hey over 35 year olds, check on these youngsters & see if they’re ok. They probably won’t answer the phone.

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