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The Lakers gave it away & the Warriors happily accepted it. When the opposing bench scores 75 points (It was like Steph was Pac & he sicked the Outlawz Poole & them on Bron aka Biggie) that's a problem but it was close for most of the game w/ an entirely new squad.

- Russ, Rondo & DJ should never be on the floor together

- Russ looked so out of place & in the way but hopefully when the shooters come back & more time to jell it will look better.

- Melo looked ok

- DeAndre Jordan needs to ride pine & get cut. He's washed

- When THT, Dunn & Ariza come back that will give the Lakers more perimeter speed/help that they desperately need

- Bron & AD looked very good.

- Avery Bradley, great pick up.

- Kerr out coached Vogel

My timeline is saying the Warriors are going to the Finals off 1 win lol, yeah ok. But them young boys w/ Bjelica did look impressive. Good game Warriors, I'm impressed but not pressed.

Oh, and stop tagging me wondering where I'm at after a win, I talk a lot of trash but I show up & take it to. I don't like it bc most of y'all are gentrified Warriors fans who don't know who Tellis Frank is but it's whatever.


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