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Kick a man when he's down

The AD criticism is unrealistic & unfair. This season he's avg 24 pts almost 11 rebounds while shooting over 50% from the floor while playing with 2 ball dominant players in Lebron James & Russ. Tell me what big man who played with Bron put up those numbers.

Chris Bosh?

Kevin Love?

.Carlos Boozer?

What other team has a #2 playing like that?

When Pau Gasol was on the Lakers with Kobe he wasn't even putting up those numbers.

Shannon Sharp, Stephen A, Nick Wright, Skip & them are creating a false narrative because AD is not a #1, he was never a "Top 5 NBA player" and lanky tall nba players often get injured.

AD probably wants to be traded bc dealing with such scrutiny has to be getting to him. But that's the price of putting on that Purple & Gold uniform. Ask KCP, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, Devean George, Eddie Jones........

Get well AD.

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