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"It's not funny when the rabbit is holding the gun"

Jay-Z once said in a rap "It was all good just a week ago" & that quote is probably being felt by Joe Budden & Charlemagne Tha God because over the last 4 days sexual harassment & assault has been brought up by two women & it's not looking good.

Charlemagne's assault was years ago when he was 22 giving "Spanish Fly" to a 15 year old child & had sex with her (Fucking disgusting) and Joe when he made inappropriate comments to a former co-host DJ Olivia Pope while also giving her a creepy hug.

Both of these men have a long history of abuse &/or foul behavior towards women


- Bullying Lil Mama to tears

- Telling Jill Scott that he's going to sniff her chair seat after she leaves

- Him randomly telling guess that he'd "suck a fart out of your ass"

Joe Budden:

Tahiry, Ester Baxter & other ex girlfriends claiming that Joe physically & emotionally abused them.

Again, these claims aren't old but they're not going away.

Kwame The Base God Brown rehashed Lenard's old story & DJ Olivia felt now was the time to bring Joe to the fires.

The irony in all of this is that CTG & Joe have made a career on stirring the pot & judging other people's pasts & now they are in the scopes & it looks like they might not escape.

Kwame told y'all that you better leave him alone. "On his mama's cooking.

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