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It’s time to put some respect on Ja Rule’s name.

So last night I finally got to watch the Verzus with Fat Joe vs Ja Rule and in the words of Ja Rule quoting Drake “You got bodied by a singing n***a” Fat Joe.

Though the 2nd half was much closer as Joe started to bring out some of his heavier hits like “Lean Back” & “Make it Rain” the first half and pretty much the majority of the battle was Ruled by Ja.

1st off let’s be honest, Verzus should’ve given rappers a break and went R&B for the next battle because of what Jadakiss did vs Dipset putting the bar way too high making even a good Verzus like Ja vs Joe seemed average.

I do give Ja credit because just like Jada (In a way) he had great breath control and stage presence. Never seemed winded, no cartoon tracks, knew all his words and moved the entire time which was very impressive for a 45 year old MC. YES, Jeffrey Bruce Atkins is 45 years old!

Dave Chappelle, The Fyre Festival, goofy Tweets, and of course 50 Cent’s “Get Rich and Die Trying” helped make Ja Rule a joke in Hip Hop but Ja reminded the world that he made a very big dent in the game. Remember when Def Jam was on life support DMX and Jay was there but Ja Rule was too and he was selling more than Jay and had more hits than X.

Talk YO Shit Ja:

“I was on the billboard top 10 for half the year” – Ja Rule.

“That wasn’t Jay’s song, I wrote that song for Jay!” Ja-Rule

“I’m not even going to do anything, just play one of the songs that I wrote” – Ja when “Rainy Days” played by Mary J.

“I’m mad at myself for giving you that hook I wrote” – Ja talking to Joe about “What’s Luv”

Fat Joe- “Don’t make me play Candyshop!”

Ja- “That song's whack!”

Fat Joe tried to roast Ja every chance he could, but Ja gave Zero F**ks and seemed to be having a great time on stage and to me it was very infectious so if you weren’t rooting for him you either are dead inside of you’re upset because your girl was singing his songs word for word.


- Remi Ma’s energy & stage presents was super bad ass!

- Why did Nelly sound like he smoked 2 packs of Kools before coming on stage?

- Ashanti probably said to Joe & Ja "I'll come but Irv Gotti better not be anywhere near the building"

Salute to Ja Rule, Queens always talks about Run DMC, LL, Nas and Mobb Deep but they need to put the Mighty Ru up there because he has more hits than all of them.

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