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Is Mo'Nique giving us the "Pound Cake 2.0" speech?

1. It's 2021 I thought black folks were past respectability politics?

2. Monique was wearing a bathrobe & no bra with over 1M followers talking about how women should present themselves in public?

3. Before the global pandemic I lived in airports, flying all over the world & witnessed celebrity athletes, comedians, rappers, musicians & actors in bonnets, doo-rags & flip flops and they have personal stylists!

4. Monique suggested in front of 1M followers that we should approach our sistas in Airports & Starbucks wearing said "Bonnets" & "Head scarves" and ask them "with love" if they are alright & why they have that on, and I speak for every black man with common sense 🗣NO THE FUCK I WON'T! And I suggest Becky & Karen you better not either. Could you imagine asking a sista about HER business before she had her morning cup of coffee or messing up HER vibe in a TSA line about to fly out to Tulum asking about her business.

5. The last famous comedian who "Meant well" by telling black people how to present themselves in an upstanding way we found out the he drugged & raped a bunch of women. I know, I know woke black people "He was about to purchase NBC"

Do I believe in making a great first impression? Yes, I do. Do I believe we should sometimes as our brothas & sistas "Are you ok?" After all we've been through & trauma we've dealt with I sure do. But this ain't it Mo'Nique.

Let's be honest you don't like black women wearing bonnets because you're afraid white America will will associate those black women with you & that makes you (Mo'Nique) feel very uncomfortable but that's not the black women who are wearing those bonnets problem it's a "Mo'Nique" problem.

I know perfectly dressed & made up looking fine AF black women who are going through shit but you're not jumping out to ask them if they're ok.

Look, the way we dress won't change white supremacy or the way America treats black people because if it did.....


Leave black women alone.

*Puts on doo-rag*

Thanks for reading & don't forget to check out my online store.

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