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I'm off the Joe Budden Train

Joe Budden has been trash since "Pump it up" but I've given him passes because of Mood Muzic mixtapes, Slaughter House Freestyles & lastly the Joe Budden Podcast.

My excuses were normally "I don't really care for Joe as much it's about the others" & those "others" would be Rory, Mal, Royce the 5'9, Crooked etc.

I stopped buying & downloading his music after his Breakfast Club interview when Charlemagne told Joe that sitting on his then pregnant girlfriend Tahiry's stomach could've caused her miscarriage Joe replied "I didn't sit on her stomach, I sat under her breast".

From there I only watched YouTube videos from other channels so I wouldn't give him views but after all the allegations & "Bipolar Joe" on air moments I'm doing something I should've done a long time ago which is to stop viewing this nutty ass narcissists who has problems with women & anyone that questions him.

Joe is a very underrated lyricist but the appeal is him being a great car crash in the making. You watch him because you know that he's going to say or do something to f**k things up. Slaughterhouse, his Def Jam Contract, get punched in the eye my Wu-Tang affiliates....... it doesn't matter but after watching this woman's video no matter her intent the fact remains Joe was out of line & I can no longer support him in any form.

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