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How to handle the NBA fan problem

- A fan poured popcorn on an injured Russell Westbrook - A Fan Spit at Tre Young - A Fan threw a water bottle at Kyrie - A fan told Ja Moran's father "I'll put a quarter in your back & make you dance for me boy"

All this done within a week boy, America has been really acting America.

People are talking about felony chargers & lifetime bans being the punishment but here's my idea for the solution but you have to have an open mind & some crazy cousins.

NBA players & organizations make a lot of money so each team should hire goons on retainer.

Hire at least 10 dudes named "Trent", "Durrell", "Kev", "Tone" "Jamir" & "Keith". Dudes with ashy knuckles, black Air Force Ones & have either Kool G Rap, Willie D, C-Bo, Chief Keef or Treach as their favorite rappers.

Pay them 6 figures each & plant them at every road game arena so when one of these entitled & racist fucks pop off they run up & stomp them out. Dress them in Cohort jackets army fatigues & timbs, let them drink Hennessey or Bumpy face Gin so get them extra lit and when the police arrest them the NBA team has a shell account that doesn't trace back to them ready to bail them out.

All you need is 3 or 4 of these good stompings & this growing problem will die & if not a racist might. 🤷🏿

Now many of you will be disgusted by me chosing violence instead of peace & probably quote bible scriptures fair enough I will quote my favorite verse from Makaveli the Don, track 2, verse which is "I ain't a killer but don't push me".

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