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Hey Michael B. Jordan, It's Ok Breh, Breh.

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Men deal with breakups different than women. Women join book clubs and fitness boot camps, go on wine trips to Napa or freak trips to Tulum tagging IG black travel groups

There's no Color Purple or Women of Brewster's Place film watching with friends for men.

We men are doing 1 of 2 things

  1. At the strip clubs tricking

2. In our best friend's car angry as fuck, cursing "Any nigga that looked at me wrong, or owes me money or ever said any jealous bullshit about me is fuckin' dead!" because we Don't know how to deal with break ups.

It's not like I can’t call my best friend Tone, invite him over to eat Chunky Monkey Ice cream while he braids my hair.

....I gotta deal with this shit.

And this shit hurts.

So that brings us to our Brotha Michael B. Jordan getting dumped by Lori Harvey.

Ya'll looked good together. All that melanin popping and shit, your Mustage was kinda matching her Father's but I was still happy for you both.

And then she broke up with you. Just like she did Trey Songz (He's rapey), Future (Smart move), Puffy and Puffy's Son (Damn girl you wild) but with YOU, I heard that you proposed and she said "No, I'm not ready" and that had to hurt like a mutha fucka. But it's ok man. This is where greatness comes in. Don't become like countless amounts of bitter men who join "Black Men Vent" Facebook groups, calling women "Females" and miss the "good ole days" when their Daddy the late great Kevin Samuels would disrespe... I mean "Tell black women the truth" that they weren't ready for.

Rise above that King. Don't become angry like T'Challa was because you know how that ended. Travel, read, love yourself, listen to Donny Hathaway & if you need to go through a "Ho Phase" no judgement

Just remember King, there's a woman out there for you, and just because this one didn't work out it might've been for the best. My Father once told me "A heartache doesn't break a man it makes one" So don't be bitter be better.


Oh, and get your sweatshirts, basketball shorts and locket back.

Shawn William is an award winning author and spoken word artist, who has travel across the country, makes the greatest grill cheese sandwiches and one day be famous enough to go out on a date with Tracee Ellis Ross to eat chicken wings, season fries and sip lemonade.

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