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Don't disrespect my City Tony, Toni, Tone has 20.

The other day while in Clubhouse I was in a room filled with New Yorkers telling Chris Riggins & I that the Oakland group Tony, Toni Tone didn't have enough hit songs to do a Verzus.

Chris of course started listing songs & roasting fools while I went to Google to check a few things. The discussion started to get disrespectful to our coast & heated so I asked "Are we talking about songs D'wayne Wiggins & Raphael produced, penned or collaborated on too?" and the New Yorker said "It doesn't matter B!"

So ladies in gents Tony, Toni, Tone's 20 songs for a Verzus

1. It Feels Good- Tony, Toni, Tone

2. Ask of You- Raphael/Higher Learning Soundtrack

3. Survivor- Destiny's Child - D'wayne Wiggins

4. Let's get down (Feat. DJ Quik) Tony, Toni, Tone

5. Lady by D'Angelo- Raphael Saadiq

6. It Never Rains in Southern California- Tony, Toni, Tone

7. Diary- Alicia Keys- D'wayne Wiggins

8. Soul Sista- Bilal - Raphael Saadiq

9. Brotha- Angie Stone- Raphael Saadiq

10. Whatever You Want- Tony, Toni, Tone

11. Dance Tonight- Lucy Pearl - Raphael Saadiq

12. You Should Be Here- D'Angelo & Raphael Saadiq

13. Cranes in the Sky- Solange- Raphael Saadiq

14. Thinking of You- Tony, Toni, Tone

15. Still Ray- Raphael Saadiq

16. Lay Your Head on My Pillow- Tony, Toni, Tone

17. Kissing You- Total- Raphael Saadiq

18. Love of my Life (Ode to Hip Hop) Erykah Badu feat. Common - Raphael Saadiq

19. Untitled (How Does it Feel) D'Angelo - Raphael Saadiq

20. Anniversary- Tony, Toni, Tone

If there's overtime: Joss Stone, "Slow Wine" & 2 more D'Angelo songs are in the tuck. *Edit* Just Me & You "Boyz in the Hood"

Stop playing with my Area, Coast & City. We not only gave y'all slang, great point guards & weed but also hit records. Tony, Toni, Tone collectively have sung, produced, played on or penned classic songs in the 80s, 90s, 2000's, 2010's till today and most of their songs aged very well because not only are they great writers but they're great musicians too. Hell, HBO's Insecure slaps because Raphael.

It's not the Bay Area's fault y'all don't know how great we are.


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