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Diana Tejada is an Aries

Diana Tejada is an Aries, because when Aries burn bridges they make sure not only the bridge is burned tf down, but also anyone associated with that bridge gets smoke in their lungs.

If "Enough is enough" or "..and another thing" was a person Diana Tejada ladies & gentlemen.

Tariq, you better do right because if she can dime out her own Mama, Brothers & Cousin/Brother then she'll definitely tell all your business to 12.

I was watching that episode like Meth & Red in How High yelling "Get Em!"

The only way Mary Mo Blige Tejada aka "Auntee/Mama" is going to get revenge is to smoke Lorenzo so Diana loses protection.

Zeke's so old:

- He could buy liquor legally for the Jr. Prom

- He could eat solId food at 6 weeks

- He could rent a car in the 10th grade in 37 states.

My 2nd Favorite part of "the table" scene.

Kane leaning back & saying "I knew you was gon' let that n***** hit" the way I hollered....😂

Diana's an Aries

Mary J Monet is a Taurus

Cane is a Scorpio


Zeke is a... I'd rather not say bc I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.


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