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Death to 2020 Pt 2 Dating

"It's ugly out here"- My Single friends while I was married.

Dating in 2020 you have two masks to deal with. The mask to protect your your lungs from the corona virus & the mask to protect your heart. Peeling both masks away to see the real person is the mission.

You also really had to think about your future & family. "Is THIS person worth risking my life & possibly hurting my family?" has a whole new meaning.

The vetting process changed. If a person's storyline had numerous videos out at parties without a mask then don't DM boo because you're reckless & could harm me & people in my life with preexisting health conditions.

It made me more creative. Movies, restaurants & bars weren't happening & if your communication skills were poor you'd either learned or died because all that texting is childish. Don't "WYD"ing a person because we all are pretty much doing the same thing, NOTHING.

2020 made you isolate yourself with that special person away from the harm of others & communicate. If you're outside, you're enjoying nature, if you're inside you're enjoying each other & I'm a sucker for that type of stuff.

Now the tea because a lot of y'all are nosey as hell.

I got into my first relationship since being separated & divorced for over 4 years. Some of y'all saw me in my storylines looking giddy & goofy. It was beautiful but short-lived. Distance & differences would not allow it to fully grow or maybe that's as far as it was supposed to go but nevertheless I enjoyed the experience, regret nothing & wish her the best.

I learned a lot about myself. I still love, love, I still have work to do on myself, I stick to my standards requesting only the best & that just because something didn't work doesn't mean the relationship was a failure it was a lesson.

This isn't a flex but I attract beautiful, intelligent & motivating women so you'd never hear "that chick was trash" coming from me because that would mean not only did I attract "trash", but I used valuable time to entertain it & who wants to do that shit during a Global Pandemic

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