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Death to 2020 Pt 1

The year started with me leaving corporate America and if you know me then you know that I've heald some type of 9 to 5 since I was 16 years old (Yes, "16 years old") so with that being said I decided to take the performance & writing thing seriously & fulltime and then two weeks later the global pandemic happens.

95% of my gigs got cancelled, shows in Europe, Vancouver plus all over the US, my first ever cruise was a paid gig to Jamaica & the Cayman Islands leaving from Miami cancelled, oh & a 1 week residency at the Kennedy Center in DC for a Fiveology reunion all cancelled or put on hold. But after feeling defeated I dusted myself off, kept my head up & realized that I'm not the only artist struggling so knowing that I reached out to my Poetry sister @masterpiece & after hours of brainstorming & shit talking we created @introverselive a platform for spoken word artist to continue their creative expression though FB & IG live. We gathered a team of dope & like-minded individuals & made magic.

With EDD, money saved & legally hustling I was able to keep my head above water while also becoming an entrepreneur.

2020 was also the year of decisions, I had an opportunity to move to Los Angeles & write tv scripts but declined the offer because even though the money was cool & they provided housing something in my soul said "Don't do it because a better offer is coming" & it did

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