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Death of 2020 Pt 3. Death Comes in 3's

R.I.P. Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman & Breonna Taylor

R.I.P. Bill Withers, Little Richard & Sean Connery

R.I.P. Kelly, Philander, & Damian

Most of the world know of the 1st 6 people & how their deaths rocked us in 2020 but let me tell you about the deaths of 3 individuals that were closer to home (one literally) that rocked mine.

Philander (Cause of death unknown)- My former co-worker. He loved old movies, singing, his nephew & the Lord. A nicely dressed tall black man in his early 60s. There's not a person who didn't love that man. He knew every co-worker child's name & a lot of their birthdays, ask about your Mama, your grandma & how were you doing. I sat beside that man for 3 years. He prayed for my son, told me about visions he had of my greatness coming & hooked me up with some great chicken spots in the Bay.

Damian (Cause of death suicide/overdose on Fentanyl) My Housemate. A young man in his early 20's trying to figure out the world. Financial responsibilities, an unhealthy & toxic relationship with a volatile girlfriend that was no longer wanted in the house seemed to cause depression. One day I came home to police cars thinking to myself "Oh Lord someone called the police for a domestic dispute", I try to go in & officers asked me for my name, my whereabouts & what was my relationship with Damian. That's when I knew this was bigger than DV. I look around & saw his girlfriend & other people crying. That's when the officer told me that Damian took his life the night before.

Kelly Freeman-Ceballos-

Man, this one hurt. My friend, my springboard for ideas, my Sista Gurl therapist that kept me un-ashy I can go in for days talking about how phenomenal this woman was. I cherish every phone call & laugh & missed them. My prayers go out to your family, Your Husband & your beautiful Son Apollo. Until we meet again my friend. I 💘 You.

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