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But we're not talking about Michael Phelps though.

They say "...but Michael Phelps tested positive"

I say "Google can be your best friend" & "Stop deflecting"

Michael Phelp's suspension was in February 2009, six months after the 2008 Olympics and six months before the 2009 World Championships. He also lost endorsements for his violations.

Sha'Carri Richardson, made a mistake yes, but it was a very costly one. She knew that weed was a banned substance & still decided to smoke/consume.

I told friends last week "I'm happy for Sis, I just hope that she doesn't get popped for any PEDs like Marion Jones" because history has proven that when a black track & field athlete does something amazing the question of "Did they do it legally?" always follows and more times than not that question is valid.

No, Marijuana isn't a PED but again it's on the banned substance list & Sha'Carri knew that. You can't go to a job interview knowing that they drug test, smoke weed close to the test, fail & then say "Well Michael Phillips...."

Let's stop deflecting & making excuses for this gifted athlete & just hope that an appeal can go in her favor.

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