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After my first week on Clubhouse:

- Sexism & Misogyny is on an all time high

- the dating pool needs more chlorine because there's a lot of piss in it

- Never ask a woman "Would you like your son or brother to spend their hard earn money on a woman like you?" in a "Yeah, I'm a Gold Digger. And?" room or you'll get called a homophobic slur, mic muted & sent back to the audience.

- Never correct a so-called "Alpha Male" in a room full of women about their homophobia or "you'll get called a homophobic slur, mic muted & sent back to the audience."

- Erotic poetry rooms are hilarious & pitiful.

- I received great financial advice

- My followers quickly went up after I was able to participate in the "Black men with beards reading to you" room

- If I had a dollar everytime I heard "I'm cut from a different cloth" from a Napkin Ass N****a I'd have enough money to go into the Gold Digger room & get one a Gucci Bag.

- Any room with Leon Sykes will ALWAYS get off topic turning into a "F**k the Lakers" room

- I feel bad voting for "The Infamous" album over "Aquimini" helping it win 20 votes to 19 because I hate hearing New Yorkers gloat

- I hardly mute my mic so all you hear from me is "This some bullshit", "Am I the only one hearing this?" "Wooooooooooooow" or "I have something to say"

which normally ends with me "getting called a homophobic slur, mic muted & se.........."


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