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The other day my Son & I were racing & I was dusting him when I decided to slow down 5 feet away from the finish line I wouldn't let him get around me keeping him behind when MY Son decided to pull my shorts down so when I reached for them, he passed me, crossed the finish line & yelled "YEAAAAAAAHHH I WON!!I"

I stopped in amazement (Pulling up my shorts) & couldn't believe who I was looking at.

At the age of 6 MY Son whose umbilical cord I cut decided to cheat to win & at that very moment not only was I a proud Father but also knew that MY son is destined to be a Billionaire or HOF athlete with more championships than friends because if he did that to ME the rest of the world ain't got a chance and I'm ok with that. *Wipes tears*

I'd take total credit for this cutthroat gene but I remember back in the day his Mama constantly cheated in Uno.

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