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A Flypoet Story Pt 1 "The Tryout"

In 2003 @taalamacey Co-Signed My name to be on your stage but You felt that still wasn't good enough. So you asked me to drive from Oakland to LA (on a week day) to win a slam & if I won I'd earn my spot on your show. This was before streaming & sending Youtube links John wanted to see you live & since the Bay Area never had a poet on his stage he really was skeptical.

Now, many poets with egos would've said "f**k that, don't you know who I am?" but that's the point, he didn't know so I tucked my bruised ego in & drove to So Cal to accept the challenge.

That slam was called "Green" & consisted the following names:


Steve Connell

Javon Johnson

Sekou the Misfit

Scorpio Blues

NerCity (Me)

Now, remember this is 2003, those names above me were (and still are) powerhouses while my name was just misspelled. This was a set up. "Sink or swim" for real. Not only am I going up against poets that have been on Def Poetry but also on National Final Stages but in my mind it couldn't be anymore dangerous than going to a house party in "The Crest" or near Hunters Point & yelling "Oakland!" with my homie Tone so fuck it.

Long story short, after 2 rounds & 2 sudden death tie breakers (We both got 50s twice) I tied for first with Sekou which gave me access to the Flypoet stage.

So when poets ask me "What do I have to do to get on that Flypoet stage" I answer "Be great".

See you on the 18th

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