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5 hood phrases that all black men should be up on.

The more grey that I get in my beard the more that I feel that I should give back to the younger generation. So my young brothers that wear Yoga Jeans & listen to trash rappers who sip lean here are

5 Hood phrases that you should be up on.

1. "Aye, can I holler at you over here for a minute?"

Don't you do it! You tell whoever that is they can talk to you "right here" because over there, there are no video cameras, people to use as witnesses & probably no street lights. Over there probably has goons wearing black Air Force Ones & it will only take them "a minute" to violate & flagrant foul your forehead.

Think about it, if he hollers at you "over there" & you end up needing help who's going to hear your hollering from "over th...."?


2. "There goes that n**** right there"

Check the tone of how it was said & if it doesn't sound welcoming look behind you to see if they're talking about someone else. If there's no one behind you either knuckle up or run & if you do run zig zag so you won't get shot in the back like Ricky from Boys in the Hood.

3. "Oh, that's your girlfriend/woman/wife?"

Sorry to tell you this but that normally means dude or someone dude knows smashed your woman & had her froggy/Hoggy/"Bow, wow, wow, Yippeo yo, yippy yay" Snoop Doogystyle on a musty futon, buck ass naked, while wearing tube socks Timbs or Black Air Force ones.

Now there's nothing wrong with having an "experienced" woman, and she shouldn't be judged for her past but it's tough on an ego to have a Grimy "Cutty" type negro

stretching out your bae & bragging to you about it in the Barbershop, hoop court or homie's kickback. Trust me fellas she probably regrets it too.

4. "I see you shinning!"

Tuck your chain in immediately, put your ride in the garage & set the ADT house alarm every night because the word is out that you have nice sh**.

5. "On everything that I love" followed by 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

Punch him in the face or run "& if you do run zig zag so you won't get shot in the back like Ricky from Boys in the Hood." Most "On everything that I love" type of people don't love s**t at all including themselves & are ready to go to jail over dumb shit. Now if it's a woman saying "On everything that I love" followed by 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 you can't punch her in the face but you can index finger point mush her forehead like Ghost did Tasha in episode 47 of Power but then get a restraining order.

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