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28 Lyrics/Verses every black person should know by heart.


"Wanna bumble with the Bee, huh?

Bzzz, throw a hex on the whole family

Dressed in all black like The Omen

Have your friends singin', "this is for my homie"

And you know me from makin' n****s so sick

Floss in my Six, with the 'Lex on the wrist

If it's murder, you know she wrote it

German Ruger for yo' ass, b***h, deepthroat it

Know you wanna feel the womb 'cause it's platinum-coated

Take your pick, got a firearm you shoulda toted, suck a d**k

*part you really turn up on*

🗣All that bullshit you kick, player-hatin' from the sidelines

Get your own shit, why you ridin' mine?

I'm a Goodfella kinda lady

Stash 380's in Mercedes, Puffy, hold me down, baby!

Only female in my crew and I kick shit like a n***a do

Pull the trigger too, fuck you (uh, uh, uh)" Lil Kim

When this came on in the club back in the day women would lose their s**t & a lot of men would join them. Probably one of the hardest rap lines ever.

I'm "a lot of men".

Real ones said "dressed in all black like the Omeh"


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