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2022 is the year of black women giving ZERO fucks.

In 2018, in the state's capital Sacramento, police officers shot and killed a black man named Stephon Clark over what they thought was a gun but happened to be only a cellphone. I was dating a woman that lived in Sacramento who was a grassroots activist and leader of a black woman's movement that protested, march and attended every City Hall meeting dealing with the murder. One day she invited me to one of the rallies when a woman who wasn't part of the rally walked by and was stopped by the woman who I was dating with a "Hey Sis, you want to stand with us in solidarity for our fallen brotha Stephon Clark?" the black woman looked her dead in the eyes and said "After those tweets he sent disrespecting black women? Hell no, I'm going to sit this one out" As she walked off we were both confused but like anyone with a cellphone we went to google and twitter to get "The Tea" and what we found was....

Think pieces were created by Black women wondering if they should sit this one out and how long could they support black men (Even in death) who disrespect them loudly. In my personal opinion I believe Stephon Clark was the last one.

Fast forward a couple years and we have witnessed anti black women talk from Fresh & Fit, "Black Men Vent" Facebook groups, Lil Wayne, Taye Diggs, Snoop, Tyreese and countless celebs & trolls that there seemed to be a market for it and one man from Atlanta, decided to corner the market and make a profitable platform off the backs of black women. His name was Kevin Samuels.

Now to some, Kevin Samuels was a smart brotha who spoke the truth and let the world know what "High Value Men" look for in a partner.

For others Kevin Samuels was a misogynistic, narcissistic man who spewed anti black woman rhetoric.

To me, he was both. No, I'm not riding the fence, I really thought there was some truth in what Kevin Samuels said on his lives just like I thought there was truth in what Donald Trump once said about "What do you have to lose?" to black people asking us to vote for him. They both can be right in what they are saying, but their sentiments behind what they are saying and how they say it shows very little love to the ones they speak to.

Kevin Samuels wanted to give "Tough love" to black women who just wanted to be left out of the conversation or just wanted love because we black men with the help of white patriarchy has made it "tough" enough on them for decades. And Kevin Samuels wasn't the only one that made it "tough", his minions who many were nowhere near "High Value Men" gravitated to Kevin's message because they were hurt, and seemed to get off on Kevin’s abrasive tone. Many men even sent links to women who were just minding their own business like they were bible scriptures.

Kevin Samuels bothered black women & too many black men enjoyed it in my opinion & the ones who didn’t were too quiet.

Fellas, Black women are tired. I've seen it in my timeline, I've talked to black women on the phone, via DM and texts, they're not done with us thank God, but they are done with our bullshit. So if you spew anti black woman rhetoric on Twitter, IG Live, In Rap Songs, VladTV interviews or Facebook post and something happens to you, you might be on your own. No march, no fight, no organization from black women.

And here we are back to 2022, May 5th, just a few weeks after Toby Obumseli was murdered by a white woman who he proudly praised while degrading black women constantly on twitter years ago and black women gave ZERO fucks. They didn't disrespect Toby memory, they just gave "ZERO FUCKS", just like I'm seeing with Kevin Samuels. I'm not saying that it's right, but I understand. Black men who are appalled and in their feelings on how your own black sista could give "ZERO FUCKS" about a black man dying too soon, think about how appalled black women felt when Mr. Samuels was alive.

Rest In Peace Kevin Samuels, prayers to your family and friends but let this be a lesson to those who want to take his place.

I never watched the movie "The Color Purple" but I sure know what this scene means and the power behind it.

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